The Mom To Mom Experience

The Mom To Mom Experience

PishPoshBaby: Real Moms, Real Advice.

Is there a perfect stroller out there? Yes, there is. You just need to find it. Every stroller on the market has an assortment of features. They may be wonderful, but many of the features can be a nuisance and a frustration to someone they weren't meant for.

Our goal is one thing: your satisfaction. Our Mom Reps have gone through every stroller available today, and have picked out the best of each kind. We've tested the strollers ourselves and have emerged with a very broad and focused view of which strollers are best for each kind of person. We'd like to pass that knowledge on to you. Your fellow Mom Rep will assist you and show you the options. Think of our Mom Reps as best friends who want you to be just as cool as you can be, combined with the honesty of a mom who only wants the best for you.

We've "been there, and done that", but you are the one who will be using the products. Our Mom Reps understand how important it is to do things right the first time. You can test out the products yourself in a realistic every-day environment and decide if any of them are what you are looking for.

We want you to be happy. Your happiness makes our world go 'round.