Your First Visit?
From the moment you walk through Pishposhbaby's doors, you're the center of attention. With a personal Mom Rep, you'll sit down to discuss exactly what products will suit you, your family, and your lifestyle. Together, you'll narrow down the huge variety of options out there and come out with a neat list of the options that are most appropriate. All decisions are up to you, as you'll view the options, testing out whatever catches your eye. It's a fairly simple visit that will prepare you best.
About Pish Posh Baby
Pishposhbaby is renown for their team of Mom Reps, and it's no wonder why. Any mom, especially a new one, wants to make the right choices during this really special time in her life. We believe that every mom's lifestyle is unique and there lacks a stroller that is perfect for everyone. Combining your needs and wants with their extensive knowledge on all contemporary baby products will undoubtedly result in a healthy baby and one pleased mom!
We Know You Best
Pishposhbaby's philosophy is Real Moms, Real Advice. We believe in sincere advice that is completely geared towards you, the customer. After we advise and suggest, the decision lies in your hands, without any feelings of pressure or manipulation. Our advice is built on years of hands-on experience with a huge variety of products. It's our biggest pleasure to pass on what we've discovered, and it's our greatest joy to help you out.